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Administering Dog Vitamins & Health supplements Not all dogs will be equal when it comes to the state of their health. There are those who will need special treatment to ensure their health is in the right status.Dogs that are older need supplements that are rich in glutamine.It will ensure their bones are strong and the dog will be more energetic. Calming aids will help the pets, in general, to handle stress with calmness. Caling aids help dogs when they have to cover long distances.Before giving your dog any of the vitamins, it is wise to discuss with a vet.You will have confidence when administering the vitamins under instructions. Some people share their vitamins with their vets. At the same time there is an increasing use of vitamins for pets especially in the US.Most people give their animals multi vitamins, and supplements to lessen the impact of arthritis.In other times fatty acids are utilized by those who want to improve the look of the dog’s coat as well as reduce the shedding.Some of the pet owners give them antioxidants to counter attack the aging effects. The number of overweight dogs is going up, and so is the use of the supplements.There is a lingering question whether the supplements are essential or not.]Some argue that the animals do not need them while a number think the stuff actually work.Many dog owners are looking for who can supply the top dog vitamins.
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According to Professor Tony Buffington, a professor of veterinary, most of the commercially processed dog foods are balanced diet.at the same time he states that the pets who may need supplements are those that are fed with home made foods.[Therefore it is important to give the supplements to your pet according to the need.You will, therefore, need to consult a vet to help you identify the best dog joint supplements.
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It is important to note that that anything in excess could be harmful to the body.If you are already feeding your dog with a balanced diet; you do not need to add more vitamins.Too much feeding on calcium foods may bring skeletal issues to your pet.Likewise excess vitamin A is harmful to the blood vessels.The the condition may lead to problematic joints and dehydrationExcess vitamin D can lead the dog to reduce eating as well as harming the bones and muscles. Therefore I is important to make sure nothing is taken into the body in excess.That Means supplements though they can keep your dog for more years, they should be controlled.Seeking the advice of an expert is an important thing to do.You will know the best way to help your animal.