3 Great Tips for Creating Your Family-Friendly Backyard

Wondering how you can encourage your kids to put down the electronics and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine? Here are three outdoor upgrades that will give you a family-friendly yard that your kids will love.

1. Improve the Lawn

A healthy lawn lays the perfect foundation for hours of backyard family fun and play. It’s no secret that grass can be a tricky plant to keep healthy. Instead of spending your time fighting with a plant, spend time enjoying your outdoor space by replacing your turf. Expert installation of artificial turf Thousand Oaks will replace your grass with a maintenance-free option that looks and feels great in all seasons.

2. Add Privacy

Privacy is important in a family backyard. A quick solution to creating privacy in your outdoor space is to put up a quality fence. If you don’t need that kind of instant gratification, plant a row of hedges to create a living wall and give you the privacy that you desire. In addition, think about adding an element like a fountain to your yard to provide noise privacy – the sounds of bubbling water are much more pleasant than the sounds of traffic or the neighbors.

3. Include Fun Features

Give your kids an incentive to spend time outdoors by adding fun features to the design of your backyard. The features you choose will largely depend upon the ages and activity levels of your children, but there are some backyard elements that can be great for everyone. These include a backyard sandbox, a custom playground and even an above-ground swimming pool. Ask your kids about the fun play elements that they’d like the most and integrate them into your private outdoor space.

You already know that time spent in the outdoors is crucial for the healthy development of kids of all ages. Improve your backyard with these tips and start making great family memories with your kids!