3 Ideas for Organizing Your Garage

When it comes to your garage, it can be difficult to stay organized. Many people start out with high ambitions to keep their garage clean, up-to-date and even relaxing (that is, if they’re going for the man cave sort of thing). But more often than not they find themselves caught up in the routines of life and letting their garage get messier and messier. If you’re looking to update or just clean up your garage, here are three ideas to consider for getting it organized.

1. Use Pegboard for Tools

With your garage doors denton tx most likely off-limits, you probably have three walls (or portions of three walls) to work with to hang tools and such. Try picking at least one convenient wall to put up a good portion of pegboard with hooks to hang your rakes, shovels and even ladders. And pegboard isn’t the only hanging apparatus available. Incorporate other tool holders and shelving if needed to cleanly and efficiently store your tools and materials.

2. Keep One Side Open

You may not have this goal in mind right now, but think about how great it would be to be able to park a vehicle in your garage. That means creating a lot of clear space in your garage! Even if you don’t want to park a vehicle there, make it a goal to create enough space to half a good half of your garage clear. You’ll thank yourself later when you walk in there and don’t get a headache.

3. Add Some Decor

Finally, consider adding some decor to the walls. Just because it’s your garage doesn’t mean it can’t have some creative flair! And it’s not like you need to go spend money on pieces of art to hang; just bring out some of the personal items you might have stored away, anything from paintings to tennis rackets.

These three simple ideas can get you started in the right direction, and they can also be a launchpad for getting creative with how you want to improve your garage.