4 Costly Surprises You May Find When Remodeling Your Home

When tearing out walls and floors in order to get to the foundational structure of your home for a remodel project, you may be surprised at how many problems you can encounter. Here are four common, costly surprises to look out for.

Previous Water Damage

Structural damage to your home by water can be costly, and it is often hidden behind insulation and sheetrock. The water can trickle inside sheetrock for years before you tear the insulation and walls out. Once discovered, the problem and source of the issue must be dealt with.

Hidden Cadre of Pests

You may be surprised to learn that hidden tunnels and nests of pesky pests are not an uncommon find when doing a home remodel. Whether the trails and beds are new or old, they will need to be removed and a pest control Cape Coral technician should be called to block further access to your home.

Improper Renovations of Fixes

Improper fixes often occur when DYIers attempt to remodel parts of their home on their own, and it can be hidden away for years. The problem can also be a result of new building codes. No matter why the difficulty exists, the issue will need to be addressed, the problem fixed, and the details brought up to code to ensure your home is safe.

Concealed Rotten Wood

Sometimes known as dry rot, this is a problem that can be hidden within your home’s walls for many years. The problem consists of rotting wood due to a fungus attack that causes the lumber to become powdery, crack, and eventually disappear. Because of the serious nature of the decay, talk to your contractor about the extent of the damage and how much of the timber needs to be replaced to make your home safe again.

Often the biggest surprise for homeowners is the time required from project beginning to end for even a small remodel. If you are patient, your home can be the house of your dreams in only a few weeks.