Benefits of Using Above Ground Pools over Inbuilt Pools

If you don’t like or have budget or space to build a swimming pool in your home, you may want to have an above ground pool. These equipments have all the features of an in-ground pool and have even more benefits. You can get the same experience and fun of a larger backyard pool with less cost and maintenance of cheap above ground pools. Here’s why you should have an above ground pool –


Cost is the main factor of having an above ground pool. You can save up thousands of dollars in a year with it. You will need less chemical, less maintenance and supplies to keep the watering hole in good condition. In colder climates, you can easily save up the cost of using water heater and take less time to boil the water.


Don’t go with its size. They still have most of the features in common with in-ground pools. They have water fountains, diving boards, waterfalls and more to give much more enjoyable experience. They are also large enough to accommodate a huge load of the bather.


When comparing it to the in-ground swimming pool, they are fast to install and are small. Rather than digging a wide hold to the ground and spending thousands of dollars on its construction, you can easily install an above-ground pool in a day. You can even opt for a DIY weekend project which won’t take much time.


Depending upon the setup, it is a lot harder for children and small pets to fall into the pool. If you have deck built on the swimming pool, fence can give added protection with latched gate against any accident. You can also cover them up when not in use.


According to the size of swimming pool, you will need the same kind of equipment to keep water clear and clean. It includes filter, pump, and chemicals. There is lower water usage if there is smaller installation and it will need to buy less chemical.

Be sure to use ultraviolet disinfection system as they are also available for spa if you want to have one in your backyard.