Better Air Quality Leads to a Better Life

There are a variety of culprits that are to blame for poor air quality inside of a home. These things include chemicals that are from cleaning products, dust, mold, bacteria, and fumes that come from paint in the home and on the furniture. Here are a few tips that can help you to improve the air quality in your home, which will lead to a better quality of life.

The simplest way to improve the air quality in your home is to open up the windows and doors. Let the bad air out and allow the clean air to come in. Even if you can only do this for a few minutes each day, the air quality in your home will definitely improve. It is helpful to turn on a fan in order to help circulate the air.

Switch over to natural cleaning products. Chemical-based cleaning products are one of the biggest contributors to low air quality in your home. Use products like lemon juice, tea tree oil, baking soda, salt, and hot water to clean your home as opposed to harsh chemicals. If you are going to purchase commercial cleaning products, do some research to learn about what is inside of them. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the fewer ingredients that are written on the label, the better the product is for your health.

Investing in healthy houseplants is a great way to improve indoor air quality houston tx. Many household plants actually act as air filters. They will suck up harmful chemicals and then pump out oxygen. Some of the harmful chemicals that household plants can actually absorb include carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Take some time to research which household plants are available in your area and which ones will do the best job of filtering the air.

Instead of using air fresheners that contain harmful chemicals, use natural products to improve the odor in your home. Get rid of aerosol sprays and detergents and use essential oils. Your lungs will appreciate the favor, and you will likely feel much more relaxed in your home.