Building on Solid Pre-Construction Efforts

You may have a vision for building a commercial site and have already drawn up your development plans, and may be looking forward to your groundbreaking ceremony. Here you will learn about selecting a contractor, the groundbreaking ceremony, demolition and site clearing, and excavation and grading.

Selecting a Contractor

You may need to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor to help with your project’s pre-construction phase. When selecting an excavator Boston MA, you and the contractor may commit to a contract and a timeline for completion. You and the contractor may decide on ongoing payments as project phases are completed rather than a lump sum up front payment. You may also want to visit the construction site in person to confirm progress is being made on schedule.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Set a desirable, nonconflicting day and time, make an announcement, and send out your invitations for your groundbreaking ceremony. Next, make a list and order supplies to arrive well ahead of the ceremony. On the groundbreaking day, a shovel may mark day one of construction.

Demolition and Site Clearing

Demolition can be loud and an unsightly mess. In the demolition phase, existing structures may be crushed and hauled away. The debris may be partly recycled and partly placed in landfills. Trees, shrubs, and grass may be removed from the land during site clearing.

Excavation and Grading

In the excavation phase, topsoil, debris, earth, and rocks may be cleared, and a way is made for the crew and their equipment and materials to access the site safely. Equipment may then be used during grading to level out the land at a slope and smoothen its surface. When done properly, grading effectively disposes of stormwater and protects against erosion.

With each step, you come closer to realizing your vision in tangible form.