Do You Need Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Do You Need Comprehensive Car Insurance?

One question that has been asked over and over again is if comprehensive car insurance is needed or not. The reason that this is asked so many times is because while car insurance itself is mandatory, comprehensive insurance, also known as non-collision insurance, is not. Also, non-collision insurance is often seen as a hindrance to getting affordable auto insurance quotes due to it being quite pricey in nature. So let’s review the pros and cons of non-collision insurance, and you decide for yourself if you are going to get it.

What Comprehensive Insurance Entails

Comprehensive insurance covers all damages related to anything but collision; hence the moniker non-collision-insurance. Damages due to nature’s wrath, like hailstorms, floods, and such are covered by non-collision insurance to a certain extent. Thefts, vandalism, and others of the same nature are also covered in non-collision insurance. In insurance terms, collisions pertain to those with private property such as other vehicles or fences; so colliding with an animal on the road isn’t covered by your collision insurance, but is covered under non-collision insurance. The fact remains that it makes it hard to get affordable auto insurance.

Why It Is So Expensive

The reason that comprehensive car insurance hampers your chances of having affordable auto insurance is because the things it covers are more costly. For instance, paying for a totaled car would be cheaper than paying for a car that disappeared from the parking lot. Also, whatever is being covered by non-collision-insurance is often more likely to happen. For instance, you can drive defensively and avoid accidents, but you can’t stop drunken teenagers from seeing your side mirror as a ball they can whack with a bat.

Do You Need It?

Here’s the deal. If you can keep your car safe, like in a garage for instance, then you can rest assured that no harm comes to your car. However, this doesn’t mean you can have affordable auto insurance by doing away with non-collision insurance altogether. It is still a good investment. Insurance is about the unforeseen, so it is always better to be prepared for things that may happen to your vehicle that you never expected to happen.

In contrast, it is not advisable to force getting comprehensive car insurance if you can’t afford it yet. You can always find affordable auto insurance quotes, get them, make the bills lower by driving safely and getting your hands on discounts; and then start thinking about getting a full coverage policy. It’s not a good idea to do without non-collision insurance, but it’s no better an idea to jump into it if you can wait. So the answer is yes. You need it, but you don’t have to get it yet if you can’t afford it yet.