Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

Choosing environmentally friendly material is an ideal way to care for the surroundings. Although the cost of these materials is slightly higher when compared with other roofing options, their environmental value has more than the cost in it. For instance, they provide that there are minimal hazardous wastes and harsh manufacturing methods, which in the end influence the environment negatively.

Although there might be dozens upon dozens of options when it comes to selecting materials, this market can be limited for you if you are in for green options. However, there are various options, which stand tall against others as focused on this article.

Reflective Coating

Among the most significant reason to try out reflective layer is that it can be used on metals, woods, and asphalt and it can reflect up to 80% of the sunrays. Subsequently, other materials tend to absorb such heat hence calling for secondary measures to keep your house fresh. As such, this method helps homeowners to cut on the energy bills especially the electricity cost incurred through heating, cooling and even lighting. Application of the reflective coating is relatively cheaper especially with the help of the most reputable services providers.

Recycled Shingles

A typical shingle made from regular asphalt has a lifespan of up to 20 years and in rare cases are these shingles reused. Recycled shingles are made from reclaimed materials, which otherwise could be in the landfill. Importantly, these materials can last up to more than 50 years, eradicating the need to have them replaced occasionally. Recycled shingles are made by gridding asphalts, which have been obtained from old structures or as left over from the working sites. At times, these materials can be a bit costly, but their cost is guaranteed through their service provision.

Slate and Clay

Slate and clay are natural options that have been operational since time immemorial. Besides not being toxic, these materials are also energy efficient. Additionally, when it is time to replace these tiles, the recycling process can be done without causing any pollution. A material made from one of these materials can last up to 100 years with proper minimum care.

Metal Roofs

In most case, metal is associated with rustic commercial as well as residential facilities. However, these options are gaining considerable acceptance as people are becoming conscious about their energy efficiency. A metallic material can help a homeowner to reduce the cooling and heating costs because metals do not absorb a lot of heat as other options do. Among the most reliable metallic include materials made from steel, copper, and aluminum. At the end of their life cycle that extends to nearly 100 years, these materials can be recycled. Additionally, metallic option provides for the seamless water catchment system both in the commercial and residential premises.

If you also care about the beauty of your surroundings, plant roof can be an ideal option for you. Also known as the horticultural, this method entails sealed materials upon, which some soil is layered. This establishes a perfect habitat for flowers, trees or even crops. However, this option requires regular maintenance to keep it operational.