Essential Backpacker Insurance: The Best Insurance for Student Backpackers

Nowadays, more and more students go backpacking to different countries whether it is traveling solo or in groups. It has become a kind of tradition for these youngsters to broaden their horizons by traveling. Therefore, it is a best recourse for parents to acquire an Essential Backpacker Insurance provided by Essential Travel. This kind of insurance is most suited for these young travelers. When parents get this insurance, they are secured in knowing that their young adults have someone to lean on in cases of emergencies. Essential Backpacker Insurance offers very low insurance rates compared to their stiffest competitors. A free holiday quote can be readily acquired online through their website. Coverage to this insurance includes medical coverage and emergency travel assistance with an insurance coverage plan of up to A�10,000.

Another coverage inclusion that parents can opt for is the Holiday abandonment that insures the bearer up to A�3,000. The coverage also provides 24-hour emergency assistance during situations that caused the traveler to be late in getting on their trains in Chennai that will eventually cause them to miss their flights to Japan. There is also a 24/7 hotline provided for by Essential Backpacker Insurance. The insurance prides itself for being flexible which allows parents or the insured person to change the coverage of the plan even after purchase for an extension of up to 12 months or so. Any person is rest assured that this insurance is hassle free and will make their travel bump-free as possible. Additional coverage for plans that include work while traveling is available as well. The company also provides assistance in securing work as an au pair, a teacher, a volunteer, a fruit picker, among others available.

A great holiday insurance allows a traveler to go parasailing, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and others with nothing to worry about. This is what Essential Backpacker Insurance aims to give the people who decide to get insurance from them. Furthermore, parents need not worry at all when their children go on travels on their own or with their friends when they have availed a great insurance package like Essential Backpacker Insurance.

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