For Your Consideration: Luxury Upgrades For Your Home

Whether you are a new or established homeowner, you might be considering a few design projects to customize the house to your tastes. Projects both big and small can positively impact the look and feel of your home and increase its value. Below are a few ideas to get your design wheels turning.

Modern Window Treatments

Think beyond traditional fabric drapes or tie-back curtains and consider solar shades New York. Clean lines and texture can be introduced just by addressing the windows. Opting for rolling luxury panels can frame a room, making it look both sleek and upscale. Consider motorized blackout shades in the bedrooms for utmost comfort and control — a feature that you, your guests, and prospective home-buyers will love.

Re-imagined Lighting

Treat each room individually and light with intention and purpose. Track lighting can be an industrial touch used to feature wall art or enhance a kitchen’s gleaming counter tops and finishes. Installing floor lighting along a staircase can prove to be both attractive and an unexpected safety feature. Recessed lighting in a shower ceiling can highlight any tile work and transform one’s bathroom experience into a spa-like one.

Folding Glass Doors

A room divider system can transform wall-to-wall windows into unfettered access to a sunroom or backyard. For those living with views of a lake, a mountainside, or a city horizon, this folding door installation can help you to celebrate the landscape from the comfort of your own home. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy this seamless transition from the living room to the backyard by pulling back the accordion panels and setting up a relaxed area in which to dine and lounge.

Upgrading your home can be a long-term investment. Projects like the ones listed above can set your home apart should it ever find itself back on the market. However, the joy of home improvement projects exists in the wow factor you not only get to experience on a day-to-day basis but also share with your loved ones.