Gutter Guard 101 – Choosing the Right One

Cleaning gutters can be a tedious chore for homeowners. Gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, pine needles, and silt can cause structural damage to your home.

Gutter guards keep animals and rubbish out, which helps avoid these issues. They are available in many styles and materials. Choosing the right ones for your house depends on climate and aesthetic preferences.


Gutter guards can reduce the frequency of your gutter cleanings, but they won’t eliminate them. Tiny seeds, pine needles, and other debris still find their way into the gutter, so they’ll need to be brushed off periodically, albeit less frequently than before.

Consider whether the micro mesh guards can withstand snowfall or intense storms depending on your climate. These factors can impact how well the product performs.

Another critical factor is the material of your gutter guards. Metal options like aluminum and stainless steel are more robust than PVC vinyl, and they’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They can last longer than plastic and are more durable than other materials like copper, which is more prone to rust.


Gutter guards are an excellent solution for homeowners who want to reduce the time and money they spend cleaning their gutters. To choose which of these goods is best for your home, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.

These products are designed to help prevent clogs that can damage your home and foundation by overflowing rainwater. They are available in a variety of materials, styles, and prices. Some popular options are aluminum mesh or stainless steel micro-mesh screens that sit on top of your gutters to block debris. Aluminum is an excellent material because it doesn’t rust and won’t swell or deform in the heat. Stainless steel is also a durable option and works well where there are a lot of overhanging trees.


Gutter guards reduce the risk of clogs, saving you money on professional gutter guards Lynnwood cleaning services and preventing water damage to your home. They also spare your gutters from pests like birds, squirrels, and rodents that use them for nesting and hiding, as well as mosquitos that breed in stagnant water.

Homeowners who are comfortable working on rooftops and ladders can install gutter guards, but professional installation is advised to guarantee a perfect fit, correct installation, and warranty coverage. Some styles require installation beneath the shingles, which can nullify your roof’s warranty. Gutter guards are an investment but help prevent costly repairs and maintain your home’s value. The cost-saving benefits are significant, too. Gutter guards reduce the time you need to climb a ladder to clean your gutters, saving you hundreds of labor costs throughout your home.


Gutter guards are crucial because they keep debris out of your gutters, which is essential. After all, clogged gutters allow rainwater to back up under roof eaves and potentially into your house. This water damage can lead to mold, mildew, rotted wood, and other problems.

This micro-mesh design has a stainless steel frame that resists low and high outdoor temperatures and won’t crack or warp over time. It also features hidden hangers that don’t interfere with the aesthetic of your gutters. This product fits 5-inch gutters and can be installed easily by homeowners with a ladder. 

Other Materials

Clogged gutters can trap water, which could cause damage to your roof and home. Gutter guards assist in keeping debris out of the gutters, including leaves, twigs, pine needles, and shingle grit.

Gutter guards also prevent birds, squirrels, and rodents from making their homes in gutters. This prevents them from depositing flammable material inside the gutters, a fire risk during hurricanes and wildfires.

If your gutters are warped, sagging, or bent from water damage, and you’re sick of climbing a ladder to clean them or worried about the dangers of doing it yourself, then a gutter guard might be right. However, before investing in a product, ensure it fits with your home’s aesthetic.