How to Find the Best Insurance For Babies

How to Find the Best Insurance For Babies

Your health insurance needs are yet another aspect of life that will change once you discover you are having a baby. You may find yourself wondering where to find the best insurance for babies. Perhaps you are unsure whether your current health insurance is appropriate for a growing family. The guide below discusses what you need once you have a baby, and how to get the insurance for babies that work for their parents too.

Coverage Needs for Babies

Coverage that worked well when it was just you, or you and your spouse, may very prove insufficient when you factor in the new demands of pre-natal care, labor and delivery, the first two years of well-baby visits, and any complications that arise along the way. Maternity care and delivery coverage are two key issues to look into when deciding on health insurance for a growing family. Policies vary widely in terms of deductibles, co-payments and coverage. So spending a little extra time to find the best insurance for your situation can end up saving you a lot of money.

Preventative Care for Babies

Once the little bundle arrives, it’s important to recognize that preventative care is the key to safeguarding the health of babies. It is crucial to make sure your insurance covers all the well-baby visits, vaccinations, and school physicals that your child will experience as he or she grows. Though we don’t like to think about it, insurance for babies should include coverage for ambulance rides and emergency room visits as well.

Top Rated Providers for Family Coverage

When it comes to ensuring the healthiest possible environment for your baby, the best insurance is one that offers the most benefits for the whole family. In ranking the top commercial health insurance plans, the National Committee for Quality Assurance offers a good starting place to assess the best plan for your family.

In 2009, the top five contenders were:

One- Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HMO/POS), Massachusetts and Maine

Two- Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England (HMO/POS), New Hampshire

Three- Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization (HMO/POS), Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

Four- Grand Valley Health Plan (HMO), Michigan

Five- Capital Health Plan (HMO), Florida