How to Protect Your Motorcycle From Being Stolen

How to Protect Your Motorcycle From Being Stolen

It’s a sad fact that the things that you own are coveted by those who don’t have what you have. So they plot and scheme to turn what you have into their own. It’s a sickness of the world. And, when thievery occurs, it pulls us as happy healthy people down the wrong path of humanity into a swirling abyss of hatred and confusion.

When you live in a high crime area, you are forced to be smart about your motorcycle. If you leave it in the wrong spot for too long, or even if you repeatedly park your bike in the same location week after week, month after month, motorcycle thieves will stake out your motorcycle and over the course of time, select the opportune moment to swipe it.

So don’t be one of those people to come out to the parking lot at your place of business or to come out of your house to your driveway or curbside to find that you’ve just been victimized. There are ways to prevent thieves from riding, rolling or lifting your bike away.

Most motorcycles have theft deterrent systems already installed such as the steering lock mechanism which locks the handlebars when the engine is turned off making it difficult for it to be maneuvered by a single person. Other theft deterrents can be added on like external hidden kill switches cutting off power to the battery. Another deterrent is tire locks. Simply adding a U-shaped bike lock to your front or rear spokes will make a potential thief look elsewhere. And the bike lock easily stores in a backpack or saddlebag when not in use. Another easy way to cut the motorcycle power is to remove the battery fuse. In most cases, it’s about the size of a quarter and it’s locked under your seat next to the battery. If you pull that fuse out, that bike wont budge.

Which brings up another point. Some older motorcycles are easy to hot wire. So adding these electrical deterrents will enhance the security of your motorcycle greatly. The last line of defense is deterrent against a group attack. It may seem extreme, but use a long chain to lock your motorcycle to an immovable object like a bike rack, street sign or lamppost.

And finally, make sure you have theft insurance on your motorcycle. Having that coverage added on will give you the remaining piece of mind.