Innovative Interior Decorating With Windows

Let a little sun in! When it comes to interior decorating, there is no need to stick to the typical rugs and wall décor. Instead, take a creative approach and hire a window installer Lake County IL to create a gorgeous focal point in your home.

Find inspiration in natural light, and open up your living space with intriguing designs that could make your guests say “wow.” You don’t need to rush over to your local furniture store. All you need are some beautiful new windows. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go Big or Go Home

If you want to make a room pop with light, you might want to consider equipping your home with large windows or even a skylight. By letting in natural light, your room will look bright and airy. This can create the impression of a wide, open room. If you are looking for a vibrant or minimalistic style, big windows or a skylight can help.

Play With Opacity

Typically, when you think of windows, you imagine them as transparent. These are common in living spaces because many want to see through them to whatever is outside. However, there is a full spectrum of glass opacities to choose from.

Instead of using typical transparent glass, choose a new look to upgrade your home’s style. To create the appearance of thin, sheer light rather than bright, natural light, have your window installer use translucent glass. Consider using this in areas that require more privacy, such as bathrooms.

Say “Goodbye” to Rectangles

If you want your interior design to really stand out, step away from the common rectangle and play around with the shape of your windows. See how different shapes fit into your room. You can experiment with slants and cuts, or go for a more striking look, such as a spherical window.

You don’t have to call your interior designer to enhance the look of your home. Instead, you can call your window installer. With so many options, it may be hard for you not to explore the beauty of natural light.