It’s Spring! Is Your Basement Flooding?

Springtime is when the flowers bloom, grass grows, and… snow thaws. For many homeowners, this can be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it’s great to get back out into the yard to begin working on the garden and landscaping that sets your house apart from the others on your street. On the other hand, spring melts bring moisture into basements, and when mixed with the rains that come this time of year, the result can be a mess unless you have the equipment you need to keep your house dry. Luckily, your sump pump is there for you. If you haven’t needed it yet this year, consider having it serviced before you do, to make sure it works just like expected when you fire it up.

Don’t Rely on Guesswork

Sump pump service Western Springs IL can ensure you are ready for the rainy season before your basement puts your pump to the test. When pumps sit inactive for months, a variety of issues can arise from dried out seals to unforeseen mechanical issues on startup. A proper service visit before you have to rely on your pump will let you go into the wet season with confidence.

Annual Maintenance for Your Home Appliances

Spring and fall checkups for your seasonal appliances are a great idea across the board. They can help make sure your furnace is working correctly, prep your air conditioning system for summer, ensure your lawn is properly irrigated without waste, and, of course, check out your basement’s drying and dehumidification system. The common thread to all these bits of annual maintenance is the idea of preventing problems and keeping systems working. That way, when the weather turns and you need to rely on your home’s resources to stay dry and secure, you know the mechanical systems you are about to put to work are up to the job.