Long distance moving quotes

Every long distance moving is an adrenaline rush, but it also can be very intense. Furniture can be hard to carry. You need to protect wood from damaging, and it is not easy to move a king-size mattress. Maybe you need your cars to be shipped. You also need to transfer medical records, school records, insurance, shut off utilities, changing files with your address, and complete other small tasks that can be important.

There is a way out of every situation. You can always hire a company that can do moving for you. When you hire someone experienced, your stuff is going to be handled with knowledge.

Cross-country moving

The cost depends on which cross-country moving you want. Number of rooms in your house can determine the price, or by number of square footage of it. For most of them $2,300 is about average. But also, a moving company can send an agent that will review your stuff that needs to be transported, and make a report about the price. They can calculate the distance you are moving and the load that needs to be transported, and estimate the price. You can check the best moving calculator here https://www.mylongdistancemovers.com/. Moving a typical 3-bedroom house from Sacramento, California to Philadelphia can cost from $6,000.00 to $11,000.00. Packing supplies (tape, boxes, moving blankets, markers, etc.) can cost another $600.00.

A truck can be rent from companies asBudget, Penske, and Upack that is priced around $3,000.00 (27-foot truck for anordinary 3-bedroom house), the trick is that you need to drive it and trailer your cars. To ship your cars can cost from $1,500.00 to over $5,000.00 depending on the time of job to be done.A smart thing to do is to buy insurance, you never know what can happen. Some companies offer option to rent a trailerthat you will work with yourself. Of course they want to be professionals, so they will inspect your car to determine is it capable of towing, and to assure it is safely placed. Cost can be around $1,000.00.

One more option is to pay the company to do everything. To calculate the price they usually count in distance and weight, it could easily cost around $10,000.00. Well organized company might offer you cleaning and packing services, this service can cost around $100 or more.

Three options exist for long-distance moving: truck renting, hire a company, moving container companies.

Moving company

Many companies offer full-service, so they can be competitive on the market, and can satisfy customers that can afford such a thing. Companies like theseusually guarantee to have insurance for your property and delivering to happen in a week or less. They can also offer unpacking/packing service. This type of full service moving can cost up to $10,000.Every company is trying to get experienced professionals. For such employees, cost is always higher. To find a high rated moving company, visit https://www.yelp.com/

Truck renting

If you want to rent a truck, many good companies will determine which size of the truck will best fit you and what features should it have (attic, ramp, lift gate, etc.). It will cost you less then to hire a moving company, but everything is on you when it comes to moving. You have to pack, load, and transport. Cost of it is around $3,000.


Cost of this type of moving is around $4,500. Container moving is a great way to do it, they give you free time to pack. When you finish, they come at agreed day to pick up and move to desired destination. To check most popular moving containers, click here. It isn’t a surprise that this way for moving is becoming the most popular one, they just provide you with a container, and later it appears where you want.

Out of state moving

You may find that your future location is going to be a lot closer than cross-country. Maybe you are moving out of state, this can benefit you because there are lower prices on cross-country moving. If you are on a budget, near border location can cost you like local moving. For example, to move from the state (but not cross-country) is around $5,700.00. This is meant for moves that are about 1,100 miles long. If you are ready to move, but need more advice, you can check the best tips for doing it.

The procedure and the plan is the same for cross-country and out of state moves, just the price is different. It is better if you move valuable and fragile items yourself. It will be less stressful knowing that what you value the most is your responsibility.

To be sure, even it won’t take long, you should take all of paper work with you, so there will be no problems. All your valuables including credit card should stick with you. When you stop at the hotel, you’ll need basic cards with your ID verification.