Popular Curtain Panel Styles for the Bedroom

The function of a window covering, also called a window treatment, is to provide privacy. The purpose of the window covering inside is to provide patterns and color in a bedroom decor. Whether the decorating color is a hot red with a baby blue accent color, it is important to find the fabric and style of curtains Doylestown PA that fits.

What is a considered a Curtain?

curtain is a window treatment made of a light fabric with one or more pieces. The curtain usually stops at the window sill, but some may reach the floor. For instance, some curtains are available in lengths ranging from 63 to 144 inches. They are often paired with other window coverings such as blinds and shades. They may feature blackout material underneath the curtain to provide more security and privacy. A curtain may have more than one piece such as a panel and sham.

The Rod-Pocket Panel Curtains

The rod-pocket panel type of curtain is made of lightweight fabrics. They do not have a lining underneath. This gives the curtain a more casual feel. Rod-pocket panels are easy to put up because the curtain simply slips into a channel sewn into the back of the panel. It is easy to create a different look with this type of curtain. Place more of the curtain onto the rod of a bunched-up look.

The Curtains that have Rings

Panel curtains with rings is just as the name implies. The ringed curtain panels hang from the rings, called grommets, which are sewn into the top of the curtain. Ring top curtains work with any style of modern to formal. The metal curtain rod can add a more decorative touch too.

The Tab-Top Curtain Panels

The tab-top curtain panels feature a loop of fabric at the top. The looped fabric is either sewn onto or into the top of the curtains’ seams. One advantage of using this type of curtain is they hang flat, which helps to feature the design or pattern. One disadvantage is they can be a bit of a burden because they are usually stationary. This makes pulling them closed hard. Maybe use the tab-top curtain panels on bedroom windows that aren’t opened that much.

The Classic Pleated Curtain Panels

The pleated curtain panels are the standard in curtains. They typically never go out of decorating style. The pleated panels have a formal design and work best in a traditional bedroom decor. The curtains feature hanging hooks and are hung using a traverse curtain rod or rings. Pleated curtain panels also have a cord-and-pulley feature to open and clothes them.

Consider the Mood of the Room When Picking Curtains for a Bedroom

The mood of the room will determine the type of curtains to buy. For example, in a formal bedroom a velvet or silk curtains may the best option. If a person is going for a more practical option, cotton sateen and silky rayon blends are best. Billowy linen is better for a bedroom with a casual vibe.