Quick Tips to Prepare Against Storm Damage

There are several areas of the country that are more exposed to storm damage than others, but that isn’t to say that every home should have an emergency preparedness plan. Whether you are taking precautions against a hurricane or you are prepping your house for potential wind damage, there are certain areas of being prepared that need some forethought.

1. Necessary Supplies

If your area is about to be hit by severe weather, everyone else in your neighborhood will be scrambling for the same supplies you are. If you have plywood or boards and nails already on hand in storage, it may save you a phone call to a company offering glass replacement Dallas TX residents use when windows are damaged or broken. Your emergency supply kit is a smaller collection that should include items like flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, extra clothing, and blankets.

2. Proactively Address Worn Areas

Part of the best defense against storm damage is assessing your property and structures for areas in disrepair. If you have roofing tiles that are already loose, it will only be a matter of time before a gust of wind rips them completely off. This creates further structural damage if rainwater gets in the exposed areas. Keeping your house and property in good condition helps minimize storm damage.

3. Keep Up With Maintenance

Routinely trimming overhanging limbs and dead branches or trees can severely reduce the damage that a severe storm might cause. Strong winds can carry lightweight branches right into your windows or down onto your roof. Cleaning out gutter systems and drainage ditches can help improve the water flow and carry it away from your house, both of which work to prevent basement flooding.

Although the work of meteorologists is to give us as much notice as possible for incoming weather patterns, the best way to be prepared is a proactive state of readiness. Take care to protect your home and loved ones by being on alert and on the offensive.