Saving Money With Short Term Auto Insurance

There are tons of ways to make money these days, but a lot of people should spend more time focusing on saving money. One thing that people waste a ton of money on is “long subscriptions”. What I mean by that is paying for something for say a month or a year when you don’t need it for that long. Things like the internet or cable where you only use them for a small fraction of the time where you have access to them. Think if you could only pay for the time you use these services. You would save a ton. That’s why when we pay for things in small chunks we end up paying a premium.

Here is where you need to be smart because we have a value proposition. Basically we ask does a smaller amount of time you’re paying for at a higher cost make for a better deal then paying for full time access at a lower unit rate. A very practical real word example (and the whole reason I wrote this article ha ha) is with auto insurance. A lot of people have second vehicles that they use with great infrequency. Maybe it’s that classic car you have, or the SUV you really only use when you go camping, but they are sitting there in your driveway eating up insurance dollars.

What’s the solution? Well the solution I suggest to people is something called short term auto insurance. Most insurance brokers do offer it, they just don’t talk about it because if it saves you money it costs them money. It’s just one money saving tip that people can take advantage of if they put a little thought into it, and like I say it carries over to other areas of life.

By beta