The Best Insurance Companies Out There

The Best Insurance Companies Out There

So what are the best insurance companies? Who gives you the best policies for the cheapest amounts? Or the best customer service when you have to call them? It’s all really a matter of opinion and everyone in the world has their own.

It’s not something that can be easily answered. Because some people may feel that the best insurance companies should be the one who provide 100% top notch personal service when needed. While others feel that only the price of what you are paying for should matter.

So what is your best feature for the best insurance companies in the world? Personally I would think a combination of a company that will provide you coverage at a price that is affordable for everyone, and great customer service.

But what is something that is affordable for everyone? A down payment that isn’t downright ridiculous for one. A monthly payment that can be switched around, say if I can’t afford to make four payments, can I make six or more smaller ones?

That’s a best insurance company’s perfect trait. One that will work with the person who is looking for the insurance policy. Does it matter if you’re looking for car or other insurance? No it shouldn’t matter at all. In fact medical insurance companies should be the most accommodating.

But many will charge you outrageous payments for months and what they give you really doesn’t add up to much. Pre existing conditions not allowed, well that’s why most people are looking for coverage because they have a pre existing condition. So what is wrong with these medical insurance companies?

Well in one word, and not everyone will agree with this word, GREED. That’s how they get the money they do, charging you an arm and a leg, but not paying much to help you out medically. They get more money and get rich every day.

While people in the US and other countries have problems medically. I don’t really know why the world and the leaders don’t do something more to help make sure their citizens stay healthy. Well except for Canada. They do offer state funded medical coverage, maybe the rest of the world should look at this to?

Anyway the best insurance companies will be the ones that let the greed go, and actually seek to help out people. Allow pre existing conditions, and deductibles that aren’t high, and payments that everyone can make.