The Best Insurance For First Time Drivers

The Best Insurance For First Time Drivers

You have just passed the driving test. Chances are, you also have a car of your own. Can you now just drive to your hearts content? The answer is, No. Now, you have to have a car insurance that’s just right for you – cheap car insurance for new drivers.

Beware, though, as car insurance for new drivers are quite pricey. New drivers are statistically considered high risk drivers. Based on data, new drivers are up to four times more likely to meet a road mishap than a seasoned driver. This may be due to poor driving skills that are yet to be harnessed and polished. Thus, insurance companies charge more for your insurance because the likelihood that you will be making claims in the future is high.

But the only way to polish your driving skills is through practice and actual experience. Going to a driving school to pass your driving and licensure test is not enough. Additional training courses, though, may help. You can take up defensive driving program, for example. It will teach you how to drive competently and handle situations in all sorts of weather and road conditions. The insurance company will treat you differently if they are made aware that you have finished and passed this driving course. This course could up your chances of getting lower rates of premiums.

A sensible choice for a first car will be one that is not conspicuous, not overly expensive and not a sports car. These types of car are prime candidates for theft. A high chance for theft means high premium rates. Also, should you want to make modifications to your car, make sure that they will amp up the security and safety features of your car. The more safe and secure your car is, the cheaper the insurance will be.

If you are a new driver and a student, getting good scholastic records will also benefit your chances of getting cheap car insurance for new drivers. You just have to qualify and satisfy the insurer’s requirements to get the discount. Having good people surrounding you will also be beneficial to your cause. There are college communities that can avail of group discounts on insurance. Make sure that whoever you allow into your car is “good” – that means, no alcohol or drugs of any form must be allowed in your automobile.

Your credit score could also influence the cost of your insurance. If you have good credit standing and clean credit record, the chance of getting a cheap car insurance for new drivers is better. If you do have a credit card, use it wisely.