Three Cheapest Ways in which You can Reach Amritsar 

Amritsar is a city in the Indian state of Punjab. Also referred to as the ‘heart of Punjab’, the city is a major tourist destination all over Asia. Spending a vacation in this holy city can definitely be a dream come true for many. A home to the iconic Golden Temple, Amritsar never fails to charm the tourists with its sheer elegance and beauty. Widely known for its top-notch restaurants, beautiful clothes, and merrymaking – the tourists can enjoy a taste of authentic Punjabi culture soon after visiting the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh Religion. Starting the day by offering prayers at the Gurudwaras can definitely be a great thing to do when in Amritsar. The best thing about visiting this city is that it has something on offer for everyone. Travel enthusiasts, as well as pilgrims, must consider visiting this beautiful city at least once in their lifetime. Harmandir Sahib, Golden Temple Akal Takht Jallianwala Bagh Gobindgarh Fort, and Wagah Border are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the city which one must not afford to miss at any cost. The wonderful blend of history and architecture never fails to take the tourists by surprise. Owing to all these factors, a trip to Amritsar from Mumbai is gaining popularity day by day. So if you are also one among them, then you must know the three cheapest ways in which you can reach Amritsar.

Top 3 Ways to Reach Amritsar at a Minimum Cost

Planning a trip to Amritsar can definitely be a great idea during the months of November to March. The average temperature during these months remains on the cooler side, thereby making city exploration an easy and exciting affair. However, one must not forget to carry enough woolens since the temperature can sometimes be too cold to handle. So if you are from Mumbai and if you are looking for a fun-filled vacation in the heart of northwest India, then Amritsar is the best choice for you. But if you are tight on budget, then there is no need to feel dad. Just keep scrolling down to know about some exciting ways in which you can reach Amritsar from Mumbai –

  • Paschim SF Express – Available seven days a week, Paschim express leaves Bandra Rail terminus exactly at 08: 10 a.m. This super-fast train (with an average speed over 60 Kilometre per hour and a maximum permissible speed of 110 Kilometre per hour) definitely is one of the best options for reaching Amritsar at a minimum cost. The most exciting thing is that it takes just thirty hours and thirty-five minutes to cover this 1823 Kilometre long journey. Also, there is no need for the passengers to carry their own food since pantry car facility is available 24/7. Preparing mouth-watering food without sacrificing the quality are the top priorities of the cooks in Paschim express. And as far as the hygiene goes, the compartments are cleaned at regular intervals and all care is being taken so that the passengers do not face any problem during their journey. With the ticket price starting from just 700 I.N.R (sleeper-class) and I.N.R 1854 (AC 3-tier), this train can definitely put a smile on your face.
  • Golden Temple Mail – Plying all days a week, the Golden Temple mail can be a quite exciting option if you are looking for an affordable option to reach Amritsar. The train departs exactly at 21:25 p.m. from Mumbai and takes just thirty-two hours to cover the 1893 Kilometre journey with an average speed of over 59 Kilometres per hour. The best thing about Golden Temple mail is that it ranks high on many parameters – cleanliness, punctuality, food, ticket availability, and safety are just a few of them. And as far as the pricing goes, tickets are available from just 720 I.N.R (sleeper-class) and 1899 (AC 3-tier). However, you must take note that the demand for Golden Temple mail during the peak season (i.e. from November to March) is quite high and hence, you must book the tickets at least sixty days before the date of journey.
  • Mumbai CSMT – Amritsar (Pathankot Express) – The Mumbai CSMT – Amritsar (Pathankot Express) can be one of the best choices if you are tight on a budget but still looking for comfort and luxury. Available seven days a week, this train departs exactly at 23:30 p.m. from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and takes around forty-one hours to cover the 2045 Kilometre journey with an average speed of around 50 kilometers per hour. Cleanliness, punctuality, top-notch food, and safety are some of the main USPs of this train. Availability and affordability are never a concern with this train. The price of the ticket starts from just 730 I.N.R (sleeper-class) and 1950 I.N.R (AC 3-tier), which is quite cheap when compared to the quality of journey that you would be able to experience. So if enjoying a comfortable journey with a bare minimum expenditure is the criteria, then the Mumbai CSMT – Amritsar (Pathankot Express) definitely is the best option.