Tips for Choosing a Superior Garden Trolley

Your garden trolley likely tops your list of essential garden tools. Convenient for moving heavy bags of potting soil and fertilizer to garden beds, it also allows you to remove weeds and pruned twigs and branches for composting efficiently. In addition, the garden trolley offers critical help during large plant sales where you bring a trolley with you as you shop the greenhouses and grounds, placing your plant selections in the trolley as your browse. Furthermore, some even offer efficient battery-powered movement. Consequently, because they get used so often in most home gardens, looking for the best-quality garden trolleys pays rewards in reduced labor. Therefore, experienced gardeners know to look for three essential items when selecting a superior garden trolley to suit their specific gardening needs.

1. Size

Before you buy, you will want to think about all the different items you wish to move about using your new trolley. For example, a smaller-sized cart might work well if you have a small garden and do not have long distances to travel to transport items about the grounds. The advantage of smaller carts rests in their lighter overall weight, making them easier to move. However, suppose you have a more extensive garden or need to transport oversized and heftier items around routinely. In that case, you will need a trolley sized to accommodate heavier weights and a greater capacity.

2. Wheels

The wheels of the garden trolley play a pivotal role in the ease with which you can maneuver your trolley around on paths in your outdoor spaces. Some of the best garden trolleys use swivel casters as part of a built-in turntable movement system. Swivel casters help you easily maneuver your straight-sided garden trolley around curved paths and corners. The best carts offer large-profile wheels, which help protect delicate lawn grasses.

3. Handle

When considering garden tools, including trolleys, you will want to pay attention to the handle construction. Some trolley design allows you to push the trolley in front of you or pull the trolley behind you. You will want to experiment to determine which method offers the most comfort to you while moving items. A dolly design gives another popular option. These carts provide upright movement for easy unloading, yet they still have a deep basin in which you can transport items as you would with a traditional wheelbarrow. Therefore, testing each style will enable you to choose one that works well for you.

A new garden trolley brings a helping hand to your garden work. Accordingly, considering three critical aspects of trolley design will enable you to choose the trolley best suited to your gardening needs.