Top Four Areas to Focus on When Cleaning Your Home

Keeping your home airy and fresh is of utmost importance for several reasons. First off, a thorough scrubbing removes stubborn stains, piles of dust, and debris that could cause infections. Cleaning your home habitually makes it more inviting and preserves furniture, surfaces, and fabrics in their original condition. Here are four areas to focus on when cleaning your home.


Most people dread the sheer mention of closets when they imagine the racks and piles of clothes therein. If you love shopping, like most people do, you are likely to end up with more clothing items that you need. Cleaning out your closet is a purge from all those dresses, handbags, shoes, etc., that you no longer wear. To make the work easier, divide your clothing and other items into three piles; actively wearing, infrequent wearing, and no longer wearing. The last pile must be gifted to goodwill or other charitable cause once you finish before the hoarder in you resurfaces. Give the second pile a test drive and if you don’t wear these items in the next three months, donate them as well. A closet purge not only frees up space but also helps you keep impulse buying in check.


Keeping a bathroom clean is not easy particularly when the facility is shared among several occupants. Regardless, it is vital that you maintain a clean and dry bathroom and do necessary repairs to avoid injuries. Wipe down the shower walls, bathtub, mirror, and floor tiles after use to keep off mildew. Alternatively, you can apply a coat of water repellent to keep bathroom doors and walls dry always. Cracks in the tiles are dangerous and therefore must be repaired sooner than later. Search for bathroom tile Seattle WA to find tile experts to replace those broken tiles before an accidental fall happens. Don’t neglect to clean shower curtains at least bi-monthly.

Carpets and Rugs

Regular vacuuming of rugs and carpets is sufficient to keep off dust and debris. However, schedule a deep cleaning occasionally, to rid of stubborn stains and dust that may have seeped through the carpets. Focus primarily on carpets in high traffic areas like hallways and living rooms as they collect more dirt. This practice restores the shine on your carpets and elongates their lifespan, so they can serve you for longer.


It goes without saying that the state of your windows speaks volumes about your home. Spray a streak-free glass cleaner and wipe them down with old newspapers. Using a cloth is counterproductive as it will leave fibers on windows. For elevated windows, use a ladder and a professional squeegee to clean them. Keeping your windows clean enhances the outlook of your home and keeps the air fresh.

Cleaning your home frequently makes it habitable and safe for occupants. Make a habit of doing general cleaning at least once a month to prevent dirt from accumulating. Inspect your home thoroughly to identify any needs for repairs and prioritize this to negate injury or extended damage.