Be in Control with a WiFi Hose Controller

Technology is making the world a smart place. Thanks to a wifi connection just about anything in the home can be turned into smart technology. A person can even control their hose and water their lawn with smart devices. There is even a wifi hose controller that will be able to control the hose without touching it. The smart device can help conserve water and can help a person that is to busy to stand outside and water their lawn. These are some great wifi hose controller on the market.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

This is one of the best smart devices for the hose on the market. It is easy to install and all of the features can be controlled from an app. There are two different configurations and all a person needs to do is go on the app and they can program the device to do what needs to be done in the yard.

Orbit B hyve Wifi Sprinkler

This is another device that can be controlled by the app. This company has been a trusted business leader for the past 40 years and have an app that can be used to control the hose and water the yard as needed. A person can program the app to set the hose at a specific time of day or they can set it for the period that they would like it to run.

What to Look for in a Controller

Some features will tell a person if their controller is reliable and will function as promised.

On Device Control

This will allow a person to control the device if they want to use it by hand. They will not need the app to have it run. This will allow a person to water their garden when they have time and enjoy some time outdoors.


Some people want to grow their garden all year and want their controller to be able to work indoors. Some devices may require a separate mounting unit so that it can be used indoors. They will still be able to use the app to customize the settings including duration and time of day.


The app should allow a person to have control over their schedule. This way they can set it to run every day or specific days of the week. The app may require a person to enter their zip code. The app will automatically comply with all watering restrictions if they are found.


The app can be set to notify a person on their smartphone when the water system is running. It will also notify a person when it is complete. a person can also set the app so they can get a text alert or an email.


The app will be able to look at the local weather and climate to provide the right amount of water to the lawn or garden based on this information. The app will skip watering if it rained that day so that water is not wasted and the lawn or garden does not get overwatered.

These are some things that a person should look for in this smart app. The app can be used to control the hose and allow a person to have preset watering solutions. A person should read about the controller and the functions of the app before making a purchase. This way they can get all of the features they are looking for.